[Definition]: the quantity

[Example Sentences]:
1. It would last two years and amount to €29.1bn.
2. Pfizer had the largest amount of share buybacks in the third quarter of 2013.
3. The amount of the home copying levies have risen in France since 2011.
4. Dell is also providing storage of up to 512GB, the same amount available in the Surface Pro 3.
5. Over 19 days, that would amount to $902,000.
6. The amount of phosphorus going into the lake has risen every year since the mid-1990s.
7. Failing to do so after a certain amount of time leads to the ransom doubling to $1,000.
8. That amount is broken down into a $50 Best Buy gift card and a $150 coupon off a Surface Pro 3.
9. In the same amount of space to build 50,000 cars, we can build 250,000 Model 3s.
10. We think there is still a good amount of money on the table.
11. Google offers the same amount of free storage and better encryption.
12. That amount of growth is enough to make some investors worry.

[Antonyms]portion, instalment, part

[Synonyms]sum, total, aggregate © 2020  Terms of Use | Home