[Example Sentences]:
1. Everything was like it always is every year on July 14.
2. The military have always played a vital role in Venezuela since its independence in the 1800s.
3. Still, consumers cannot just assume it always has the lowest prices, particularly on items over $10.
4. Surface has always had a microSD card slot, and the proud tradition continues with Pro 4.
5. To me, the most exciting thing about iOS 7 has always been iOS 8.
6. He alluded to his health in his speech, promising to always remember what happened on April 15,2013.
7. Mr Trump had always denied the claims, but settled for $25m £20m.
8. We always talk about where mobile is going to be, not today, not next year, but in 2020 or in 2025.
9. He says the user is always in control of the device.
10. I always thought that I was going to be the target.
11. Google is always working on new and improved tools for developers of their products.
12. The digital evolution has always been about trying to find out more about the voters.
13. You want them to always see you as accessible and on their side.
14. You can always enable it again later if you want the feature back.
15. Many of these folks always are open to new and better opportunities.


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