[Example Sentences]:
1. These have become useful, especially with aluminum iMacs made prior to 2012.
2. The holes in the aluminum are the size of a quarter in between the treads.
3. It is made of aluminum, and users have the option to include a touchscreen.
4. The handsets are built around an aluminum frame and have a glass back plate.
5. The top of the Mac Pro without its outer aluminum casing.
6. The fingerprint sensor is now part of the aluminum body.
7. In the past, aluminum has not been usable because of issues like corrosion.
8. This aluminum body piece is connected to the band with quick release pins.
9. The aluminum accessory is a perfect match for your Apple Wireless keyboard.
10. As my colleague Tom Warren says, it would be much easier to just wipe aluminum clean.
11. The external drive is thin, sleek and matches your Mac with its aluminum casing.
12. When pressed for an example of how she works, Jackson cites the aluminum story.
13. Its composite aluminum body feels cheap to the touch, yet holds up under significant wear and tear.
14. If you travel a lot and need a drive that can take a pounding, aluminum might be the better bet.
15. The initial tests on equivalent aluminum composite tiles failed the safety tests. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home