[Definition]: in spite of, even though

[Example Sentences]:
1. It was his second marriage, although he had split from Riley before in 2012.
2. China claims sovereignty over Taiwan, although the island has been separately governed since 1949.
3. Relatively little is known of the species, although collected specimens date back to around 1990.
4. He seized power in 1961, although he was not elected president until 1963.
5. The bus was reported to have been carrying about 60 passengers although it only had seating for 40.
6. The East Bay retail sector gained 1,000 jobs, although construction was weak and lost 500.
7. The two men did not speak for months although things have since thawed.
8. He is still at Apple, although he is no longer involved in the project.
9. At least two people were shot he said, although not by police.
10. Also there is expanded Linux OS support although no Microsoft operating systems yet.
11. The justices could act at any time, although a decision most likely would come next week.
12. She too was a child when she married, although she does not know exactly how old.
13. Revenue has been declining slowly for several years, although the company remains in the black.
14. The new line of service also comes with a new although unspecified pricing plan.
15. Here are a few answers, although many details have yet to be worked out.

[Antonyms]yet, notwithstanding

[Synonyms]albeit, supposing © 2020  Terms of Use | Home