[Example Sentences]:
1. The new policy allows for a complete device replacement, in line with the policy for the iPhone 5.
2. The pact allows thousands of US troops to remain in Afghanistan once combat operations end in 2014.
3. United Airlines allows a transfer but charges $150.
4. This, in turn, allows an attacker to disable Secure Boot and Virtual Secure Mode on Windows 10.
5. What this does is it allows us to be much more precise.
6. This allows a user to work where ever she is and on any device that she uses.
7. The app allows you quickly find and display files based on a search string.
8. I just want to try to find a structure that allows me to do that.
9. The feature also allows users to access the data directly from the new cloud provider.
10. This integration also allows enterprise customers to run mobile apps from their own private clouds.
11. This service also allows calls to be made to mobile and fixed phones.
12. This allows users to access resources using a single set of digital credentials.
13. It does this by using an infrastructure platform that allows access to hardware only when needed.
14. The current law allows only couples in which both are only children to have a second baby.
15. She uses the site because it allows her to travel inexpensively. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home