[Example Sentences]:
1. The new database will allow viewers to see corporate filings dating back to 2005.
2. It will allow the state to slim 1972 voice radio sites to just 732.
3. We are not even sure if he will really allow us if we pay.
4. We should not allow that issue to get lost in the public discussion.
5. Obama wants to change that and allow some of the information to be made public.
6. New tools will allow firms to get even better value out of their archive.
7. That could buy her enough time to allow current public anger to subside.
8. The services allow users to store songs on their devices as long as they keep paying.
9. They have applications on their phone that allow them to control all of their IoT devices.
10. That could allow hackers to see what you send over the internet.
11. Wireless features allow it to access data from Android smartphones and tablets.
12. That would allow more of them on the road at one time.
13. This will allow you to work quickly and from a greater distance.
14. You can even allow other users to join your live video stream.
15. In turn, this can allow us to make changes to our network in real time.

[Antonyms]protest, refuse, deny

[Synonyms]grant, own, confess © 2020  Terms of Use | Home