[Example Sentences]:
1. The album has now spent 61 weeks in the top 10.
2. This should list all the songs the album contains as well as the single.
3. Users can listen to any song or album by simply telling Siri to play them.
4. You can then search that folder for the liner notes for the album you want.
5. Create a family album together, or play a digital version of a classic board game.
6. One is to scan each page of the insert and add it as album art to the appropriate music files.
7. The album is still on the way.
8. The QNX OS allows music lists and album art to be displayed in front of the driver.
9. The album barely survived intense scrutiny by government censors.
10. Most album artwork downloads from the iTunes Store, but some does not.
11. The whole album, if I could put a single word on it, shined.
12. If you turn your iPhone or iPod touch on its side, the Music app displays a mosaic of album covers.
13. To recover the photo, just visit the Hidden album and tap and hold the thumbnail to unhide.
14. For her second album, she changed collaborators.
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