[Definition]: a transport facility where airplanes take off and land on the runways

[Example Sentences]:
1. The typical fare for an airport ride back then was about $65.
2. The Commission says there is a need for an additional airport runway in the south east by 2030.
3. Officials in Thailand inspecting pieces of ivory at the airport in Bangkok on March 7.
4. They could not leave the airport because they did not have European visas.
5. You can also try to rent one at the airport when you arrive.
6. At one point they blocked access to the airport for over an hour.
7. I was late for my flight so I gave one of the airport workers a tip.
8. The men drove him to a small airport outside the city.
9. She said she had been made to wait two hours at the airport before being denied entry.
10. Two police officers said the airport buildings were under fire from Iraqi forces.
11. It was unclear if the attack had damaged facilities inside the airport itself.
12. Two other attackers at the airport have not yet been identified.
13. She was barred from being at the airport without a ticket.
14. What the arriving passenger gets is a car for far less than an airport rental.
15. The cell has been trying to develop bombs that a can defeat airport security screening. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home