[Example Sentences]:
1. He seems to move his agenda through military violence.
2. After the Sony hack, cybersecurity is once again high on the agenda of lawmakers.
3. Critics say this political agenda should not mix with archaeology.
4. Also on his agenda is a legislative measure to guarantee women equal pay.
5. Fiat said the headquarters issue is not on its agenda at the moment.
6. A draft summit agenda late last week included the point.
7. It has usually followed a Nigerian agenda, and says it wants to establish an Islamic state.
8. Family reunions planned for this month were expected to be discussed, but the agenda was left open.
9. Trade and investment are on the agenda for bilateral talks between the Kenyan and American leaders.
10. What is the agenda of the meeting?
11. The agenda featured a combination of conversation, insight and innovation to inspire and motivate.
12. Much remains up in the air, including the date, the agenda and the list of participants.
13. Windows is a massive agenda for us. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home