[Example Sentences]:
1. Apple shares were trading down a fraction by Wednesday afternoon at $421.80.
2. The afternoon saw sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-80s.
3. By Monday afternoon the account hit $113,482.
4. The afternoon warmth followed an overnight low of 47.
5. LinkedIn shares spiked Friday afternoon by $22.58 to close at $235.58.
6. Yahoo reversed higher in afternoon trading and was last up 1% at $33.82.
7. As the afternoon wore on, the crowd swelled to perhaps 10,000.
8. As of Thursday afternoon, bids were exceeding $700.
9. Chancellor George Osborne said 26,000 bonds have been sold by Thursday afternoon, raising £270m.
10. It too clawed back some of those losses and in was trading down 3.6% in the afternoon at $38.90.
11. State officials are expected to have more to say at a Friday afternoon news conference.
12. He said he might put off a planned jump that afternoon until the next day.
13. Their parents had found their own way out after the Wednesday afternoon avalanche.
14. The rescue effort began soon after the accident on Friday afternoon and continued through the night.
15. In an afternoon conference call, Costolo said the decision to step down as CEO was his. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home