[Example Sentences]:
1. The first iPhone, which fueled smartphone adoption, was introduced in 2007.
2. Chromebook adoption surged in 2014, giving Chrome OS formidable momentum going into 2015.
3. The last thing Microsoft needs is to see Windows adoption slide and Office revenue fall off.
4. It is still driving the adoption of the Android ecosystem and will continue to do well.
5. A strong user experience is a key driver for adoption here.
6. Dell EMC will use services to help drive adoption of the new systems.
7. Industry adoption of the new key length is well on its way.
8. IT organizations must meet these expectations to drive adoption and value from their IT investments.
9. In the early days, cloud adoption really grew out of two things.
10. One of the key drivers for hybrid cloud adoption was the need for companies to reduce IT spending.
11. Mobile payment adoption is based on a complex set of technologies and business relationships.
12. All of these predictions come as global adoption of wearables is forecast to boom.
13. To date, adoption has been low due to the cost and complexity of key management.
14. One barrier to such growth is the adoption of standards. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home