[Definition]: to add up, besides, +

[Example Sentences]:
1. In addition, the only previous version from which you can upgrade is Windows 7.
2. The criminal charges are in addition to a separate legal case relating to the same matter in 2013.
3. In addition, Slager is being tried in federal court on May 1,2017.
4. In addition, 75 percent of businesses revealed increases in their external IT spending in 2013.
5. In addition, the company lined up 28 new Windows Phone carrier billing partners, for a total of 46.
6. The access fees are in addition to the costs of the phones on the plans.
7. In addition to his wife, Julia, Wilson has two daughters, 7 and 5.
8. That was in addition to a standing ban on the use of public buses.
9. These fees are in addition to the price of a ticket.
10. So where will the pending new addition fall in the line of succession?
11. In addition to protecting a phone, many cases are designed to be easy to hold.
12. In addition, the reports said there would be an increase in the tax on shipping.
13. In addition, other groups are looking to become the top option to Intel in the data center.

[Antonyms]subtraction, decrease, diminution

[Synonyms]accession, enlargement, increase © 2020  Terms of Use | Home