[Definition]: something done, activity, movement

[Example Sentences]:
1. The antitrust class action lawsuit was filed in 2011.
2. Legacy in action during the first season final for 2016.
3. Sony introduces the X100V action cam at CES, a GoPro like action cam that sells for $500.
4. This means that every action is open to second and third guessing.
5. That way they know exactly what action must be taken to protect their assets.
6. Police have since said they would not have taken further action over the rape claim.
7. We know we have to take action and have begun a full investigation.
8. It is key to mobile development, where much of the software action is today.
9. The cloud is where the action is in enterprise storage.
10. This must be allowed to continue before any action is taken to prepare for executions.
11. Instead we should be talking about is digital action plans that support your business strategy.
12. No action needs to be taken and their smoke alarm will continue to work.
13. The US Justice Department has taken legal action against North Carolina over the bill.
14. They said he had not decided whether to pursue legal action against the government.
15. No action was taken against the jurors who used phones or the one suspected of sleeping.

[Antonyms]inertia, torpor, languor

[Synonyms]exercise, motion, movement © 2020  Terms of Use | Home