[Definition]: the act of acquiring, take control of something

[Example Sentences]:
1. Cisco expects the acquisition to close in the fourth quarter of its fiscal year 2014.
2. The brokerage continues to expect the acquisition to close in the first half of 2015.
3. This is the first acquisition for the Chan Zuckerberg initiative since its launch in December 2015.
4. Microsoft has said it expected to finalize the Nokia acquisition in early 2014.
5. Google closed its $12.5 billion acquisition of the mobile company in May 2012.
6. Yahoo completed the $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr in June 2013.
7. Microsoft completed the $7 billion acquisition of Nokia on April 25.
8. The acquisition is being made at the same time that Microsoft is looking for a new leader.
9. The acquisition is expected to close in the next few weeks.
10. The price of the acquisition and terms of the deal were not announced.
11. The acquisition had been rumored earlier in the month and was made official Wednesday afternoon.
12. The company did not disclose terms of the deal or when the acquisition was completed.
13. So we really do focus on the numbers that that acquisition might lead us to.
14. It then will spin out the acquisition into a new company.
15. The developers referred to their earnings reports when asked about their acquisition plans.

[Antonyms]abomination, heritage, inheritance

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