[Example Sentences]:
1. Some accounts start out quite large but others begin with just that initial $5.
2. Other accounts put the number of dead at more than 20.
3. In some cases, the accounts are sold for just $1.
4. Yahoo plans to release the inactive accounts unless the current owner logs in again before July 15.
5. More than 200 people were thought to have been on the ferry some accounts put the figure at 350.
6. Instead, Hunt estimated that the number of accounts the hackers have logins for is around 53,000.
7. The seller said they obtained 379 million accounts as early as 2015.
8. Spotify and Hulu accounts run on average $2.75, while Netflix login details can reach up to $3.
9. The server segment accounts for the biggest chunk of the market totaling US$753 million in 2013.
10. You can then add one or more accounts to the app.
11. They will have to prevent them from creating new accounts and report them to authorities.
12. The three accounts combined can keep scores and have full access to a team. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home