[Example Sentences]:
1. So how do you go about winning this portable pack worth $74.99?
2. The transaction values each Time Warner Cable share at about $195.71.
3. In the world the women left behind, a gallon of gas cost about $1.80.
4. He told me about an accident he had when he was 9.
5. She had heard about the school during a visit to the city in 2015.
6. The currency has been fixed at about the same rate since the 1980s.
7. I was about the height I am now when I was 12.
8. People today are more worried about the cost of electricity to keep a computer on 24/7.
9. One thing I especially like about this deal is the fact that you can buy it with Windows 7.
10. In the code, developers found hints about what we can expect from the iPhone 8.
11. He then resumed his work as a lawyer and died at about 80.
12. The total value of what I carry in my backpack is about $5000.
13. It will go on sale this spring for about $80.
14. She said they grew up together until about age 7.
15. You remember reading about the first time that happened to someone, back in 2009.

[Antonyms]afar, distant, remote

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