[Example Sentences]:
1. You will also be able to buy a metal band separately for $79.99.
2. Consumers want to be able to pay without being identified.8.
3. Now the company will be able to hit that goal by the end of its fiscal year 2015.
4. I hope that I will be able to earn your vote on November 8th.
5. Without a deal, the US will not be able to keep troops in Afghanistan after the end of 2014.
6. I found a deal on a refurbished kit, but even new you should be able to get it for under $100.
7. Seagate has it will be able to produce a 20TB 3.5-in.
8. Owners of 2016 vehicles with Sync 3 will be able to upgrade to the expanded system later in 2016.
9. Later Indiegogo backers were able to save $50 and reserve one for $550.
10. We want to be able to do it in four to six minutes.


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