RStudio Usage

RStudio is a popular open source IDE (integrated development environment) for R. It's basic version is free. However it also provides professional and business versions as well as customer service at various prices. The editor supports syntax highlighting, direct code execution, and tools for plotting, history, debugging and workspace management.

RStudio workspace stores variance values, objects, functions etc that you executed in the console. The plots tab can display the image results you created in the real time. The history tab stores all previous correctly executed commands, you may copy or save it. The package tab shows all loaded packages, and you can also install new packages conveniently from there.

RStudio Selected Tricks:

Ctrl + L
Clear Console
Put Cursor at Command line Start Position
Put Cursor at Command line End Position
Ctrl + Q
Quit Session
Ctrl + D
Delete Line
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + Shift + Z
Ctrl + A
Select All
Shift + F8
Stop Debugging
Ctrl + 6
Show Plots
Ctrl + 4
Show History
Ctrl + Option + Backspace
Delete Word Left
Option + Delete
Delete Word Right
Ctrl + K
Delete to Line End
Option + Backspace
Delete to Line Start

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