Major World Events in 1100's

» Hungary and Croatia united under the Hungarian Crown (1102).
» Byzantine defeated Turks at Philomelion (1116).
» Portuguese indepence from the Kingdom of León was recoginized by the Treaty of Zamora (1143).
» Chinese Song Dynasty lost control of northern China to the Jin Dynasty (1127).
» The Second Crusade captured Lisbon for Portuguese, Moors defeated (1147).
» Chinese Song Dynasty defeated Jin Dynasty navy (1161).
» Byzantine fought Seljuk Turks in Phrygia and failed to recover Anatolia (1176).
» Saladin defeated the King of Jerusalem in the Battle of Hattin (1187).
» Third Crusade to reconquer the Holy Land from Saladin (1189).
» Saladin was defeated by Crusaders in the Battle of Jaffa (1192).

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