Viscosity dynamic Conversion

1. pascal second [Pa.s]:
2. kilogram-force second/square meter:
3. newton second/square meter:
4. millinewton second/square meter:
5. dyne second/square centimeter:
6. poise [P]:
7. exapoise [EP]:
8. petapoise [PP]:
9. terapoise [TP]:
10. gigapoise [GP]:
11. megapoise [MP]:
12. kilopoise [kP]:
13. hectopoise [hP]:
14. dekapoise [daP]:
15. decipoise [dP]:
16. centipoise [cP]:
17. millipoise [mP]:
18. micropoise [uP]:
19. nanopoise [nP]:
20. picopoise [pP]:
21. femtopoise [fP]:
22. attopoise [aP]:
23. pound-force second/square inch:
24. pound-force second/square foot:
25. poundal second/square foot:
26. gram/centimeter/second:
27. slug/foot/second [slug/ft.s]:
28. pound/foot/second [lb/(ft.s)]:
29. pound/foot/hour [lb/(ft.h)]:

Click to Select: aP, cP, daP, dP, EP, fP, g/(cm.s), GP, hP, kg.s/m2, kP, lb.s/ft2, lb.s/in2, lb/(ft.h), lb/(ft.s), mP, MP, N.s/m2, nP, P, Pa.s, pP, PP, slug/ft.s, TP, uP

Click to Select: attopoise, centipoise, decipoise, dekapoise, dyne second/square centimeter, exapoise, femtopoise, gigapoise, gram/centimeter/second, hectopoise, kilogram-force second/square meter, kilopoise, megapoise, micropoise, millinewton second/square meter, millipoise, nanopoise, newton second/square meter, pascal second, petapoise, picopoise, poise, pound-force second/square foot, pound-force second/square inch, pound/foot/hour, pound/foot/second, poundal second/square foot, slug/foot/second, terapoise

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