Heat transfer coefficient Conversion

1. watt/square meter/K [W/(m2.K)]:
2. watt/square meter/C [W/(m2.C)]:
3. joule/second/square meter/K:
4. calorie (IT)/second/square centimeter/C:
5. kilocalorie (IT)/hour/square meter/C:
6. kilocalorie (IT)/hour/square foot/C:
7. Btu (IT)/second/square foot/F:
8. Btu (th)/second/square foot/F:
9. Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/F:
10. Btu (th)/hour/square foot/F:
11. CHU/hour/square foot/C:

Click to Select: Btu (th)/(h.ft.F), Btu (th)/(s.ft2.F), Btu/(h.ft2.F), Btu/(s.ft2.F), cal/(s.cm2.C), CHU/(h.ft2.C), J/(s.m2.K), kcal/(h.ft2.C), kcal/(h.m2.C), W/(m2.C), W/(m2.K)

Click to Select: Btu (IT)/hour/square foot/F, Btu (IT)/second/square foot/F, Btu (th)/hour/square foot/F, Btu (th)/second/square foot/F, calorie (IT)/second/square centimeter/C, CHU/hour/square foot/C, joule/second/square meter/K, kilocalorie (IT)/hour/square foot/C, kilocalorie (IT)/hour/square meter/C, watt/square meter/C, watt/square meter/K

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