Fuel efficiency volume Conversion

1. joule/cubic meter [J/m3]:
2. joule/cubic kilometer:
3. joule/cubic decimeter:
4. joule/cubic centimeter:
5. joule/cubic millimeter:
6. joule/liter [J/L]:
7. joule/milliliter [J/mL]:
8. joule/microliter [J/uL]:
9. kilojoule/cubic meter:
10. kilojoule/cubic kilometer:
11. kilojoule/cubic decimeter:
12. kilojoule/cubic centimeter:
13. kilojoule/liter [kJ/L]:
14. millijoule/milliliter:
15. millijoule/microliter:
16. microjoule/milliliter:
17. microjoule/microliter:
18. nanojoule/microliter:
19. erg/milliliter:
20. erg/microliter:
21. kilowatt-hour/cubic meter:
22. kilowatt-hour/liter [kW.h/L]:
23. kilowatt-second/cubic meter:
24. kilowatt-second/liter:
25. watt-hour/cubic meter:
26. watt-hour/cubic kilometer:
27. watt-hour/liter [W.h/L]:
28. watt-second/cubic meter:
29. watt-second/liter [W.s/L]:
30. newton meter/cubic meter:
31. newton meter/liter [N.m/L]:
32. newton meter/milliliter:
33. watt-second/cubic inch:
34. newton meter/cubic yard:
35. newton meter/cubic foot:
36. joule/cubic yard [J/yd3]:
37. joule/cubic foot [J/ft3]:
38. joule/cubic inch [J/in3]:
39. kilojoule/cubic yard:
40. kilojoule/cubic foot:
41. kilojoule/cubic inch:
42. kilowatt-hour/cubic yard:
43. kilowatt-hour/cubic foot:
44. kilowatt-hour/cubic inch:
45. kilowatt-second/cubic yard:
46. kilowatt-second/cubic foot:
47. kilowatt-second/cubic inch:
48. watt-hour/cubic yard:
49. watt-hour/cubic foot:
50. watt-hour/cubic inch:
51. watt-second/cubic yard:
52. watt-second/cubic foot:
53. calorie (th)/cubic yard:
54. kilocalorie (th)/cubic yard:
55. horsepower hour/cubic meter:
56. horsepower hour/liter:
57. horsepower hour/cubic yard:
58. horsepower hour/cubic foot:
59. kilocalorie (IT)/liter:
60. kilocalorie (IT)/cubic yard:
61. kilocalorie (th)/liter:
62. calorie (IT)/liter [cal/L]:
63. calorie (IT)/cubic foot:
64. calorie (th)/cubic meter:
65. calorie (th)/liter [cal (th)/L]:
66. Btu (IT)/liter [Btu/L]:
67. Btu (IT)/cubic yard [Btu/yd3]:
68. Btu (th)/liter [Btu (th)/L]:
69. Btu (th)/cubic yard [Btu (th)/yd3]:
70. joule/gallon (US) [j/gal (US)]:
71. joule/gallon (UK) [j/gal (UK)]:
72. watt-hour/gallon (US):
73. watt-hour/gallon (UK):
74. kilocalorie (IT)/gallon (US):
75. kilocalorie (th)/gallon (US):
76. kilocalorie (IT)/gallon (UK):
77. kilocalorie (th)/gallon (UK):
78. horsepower hour/gallon (US):
79. horsepower hour/gallon (UK):

Click to Select: Btu (th)/L, Btu (th)/yd3, Btu/L, Btu/yd3, cal (th)/L, cal (th)/m3, cal (th)/yd3, cal/ft3, cal/L, hp.h/ft3, hp.h/L, hp.h/m3, hp.h/yd3, hp/gal (UK), hp/gal (US), J/cm3, J/dm3, J/ft3, j/gal (UK), j/gal (US), J/in3, J/km3, J/L, J/m3, J/mL, J/mm3, J/uL, J/yd3, kcal (IT)/gal (UK), kcal (IT)/gal (US), kcal (th)/gal (UK), kcal (th)/gal (US), kcal (th)/L, kcal (th)/yd3, kcal/L, kcal/yd3, kJ/cm3, kJ/dm3, kJ/ft3, kJ/in3, kJ/km3, kJ/L, kJ/m3, kJ/yd3, kW.h/ft3, kW.h/in3, kW.h/L, kW.h/m3, kW.h/yd3, kW.s/ft3, kW.s/in3, kW.s/L, kW.s/m3, kW.s/yd3, mJ/mL, mJ/uL, N.m/ft3, N.m/L, N.m/m3, N.m/mL, N.m/yd3, nJ/uL, uJ/mL, uJ/uL, W.h/ft3, W.h/gal (UK), W.h/gal(US), W.h/in3, W.h/km3, W.h/L, W.h/m3, W.h/yd3, W.s/ft3, W.s/in3, W.s/L, W.s/m3, W.s/yd3

Click to Select: Btu (IT)/cubic yard, Btu (IT)/liter, Btu (th)/cubic yard, Btu (th)/liter, calorie (IT)/cubic foot, calorie (IT)/liter, calorie (th)/cubic meter, calorie (th)/cubic yard, calorie (th)/liter, erg/microliter, erg/milliliter, horsepower hour/cubic foot, horsepower hour/cubic meter, horsepower hour/cubic yard, horsepower hour/gallon (UK), horsepower hour/gallon (US), horsepower hour/liter, joule/cubic centimeter, joule/cubic decimeter, joule/cubic foot, joule/cubic inch, joule/cubic kilometer, joule/cubic meter, joule/cubic millimeter, joule/cubic yard, joule/gallon (UK), joule/gallon (US), joule/liter, joule/microliter, joule/milliliter, kilocalorie (IT)/cubic yard, kilocalorie (IT)/gallon (UK), kilocalorie (IT)/gallon (US), kilocalorie (IT)/liter, kilocalorie (th)/cubic yard, kilocalorie (th)/gallon (UK), kilocalorie (th)/gallon (US), kilocalorie (th)/liter, kilojoule/cubic centimeter, kilojoule/cubic decimeter, kilojoule/cubic foot, kilojoule/cubic inch, kilojoule/cubic kilometer, kilojoule/cubic meter, kilojoule/cubic yard, kilojoule/liter, kilowatt-hour/cubic foot, kilowatt-hour/cubic inch, kilowatt-hour/cubic meter, kilowatt-hour/cubic yard, kilowatt-hour/liter, kilowatt-second/cubic foot, kilowatt-second/cubic inch, kilowatt-second/cubic meter, kilowatt-second/cubic yard, kilowatt-second/liter, microjoule/microliter, microjoule/milliliter, millijoule/microliter, millijoule/milliliter, nanojoule/microliter, newton meter/cubic foot, newton meter/cubic meter, newton meter/cubic yard, newton meter/liter, newton meter/milliliter, watt-hour/cubic foot, watt-hour/cubic inch, watt-hour/cubic kilometer, watt-hour/cubic meter, watt-hour/cubic yard, watt-hour/gallon (UK), watt-hour/gallon (US), watt-hour/liter, watt-second/cubic foot, watt-second/cubic inch, watt-second/cubic meter, watt-second/cubic yard, watt-second/liter

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