[Example Sentences]:
1. The women left voluntarily with officers and told them they were interested in being free
2. You entered voluntarily into a coalition with the United States against the Islamic State
3. The US has a law that requires any entities that have this data to voluntarily report to the government
4. He refused to voluntarily surrender his credentials when asked by the board president
5. This data is kept confidential, unless it comes out in a court case or is voluntarily disclosed
6. Representatives of the bus industry told Congress that manufacturers were increasingly and voluntarily adding such features
7. Now such reporting is voluntarily, and the Interior Department refuses to release the information
8. The law does not require Harris to report on the data breaches, but she voluntarily issued the report
9. The practice was unacceptable and we voluntarily ceased it nearly four years ago
10. It seems pretty clear that Microsoft is legally compelled to do this and would not otherwise do it voluntarily
11. Some restaurants in the region had voluntarily posted calorie information before that date
12. This time, he was there voluntarily
13. Federal Communications Commission has told mobile operators to voluntarily ease up on cellphone unlocking or risk being forced to do so
14. We also have voluntarily shared a vast array of information about our peering and interconnection practices with the FCC
15. Google, Facebook, Microsoft and the others have categorically denied that they have ever voluntarily provided any user data to the government
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