[Example Sentences]:
1. I could lose any of them and still go on as usual because others will fill the void
2. Since the passing of Jobs it seems there is a void of passion in mobile
3. There was a huge void in the market
4. That has left states and local water authorities scrambling to fill the financial void
5. That enabled Russian President Vladimir Putin to fill the void and gain power in Ukraine
6. The void was filled by social media, which in turn was attacked by the government for misleading the public
7. The BOE guidance has three conditions that will void it, including two linked to price stability
8. Being in a hotel without any connectivity is like dropping into a void for lots of travellers
9. The sky above is void, very black and very hostile
10. You have that huge void there
11. Small water sensors inside detect contact with liquids and will void coverage
12. Banks are retreating and firms like Apollo are there to fill the void
13. As I mentioned above, rooting your device can void your warranty
14. Do not stick a literal fork in it, as it may cause a shock and void the warranty
15. Senate after 2016 opens a massive void that left members of both parties scrambling
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