[Example Sentences]:
1. The only contact information for the company was a phone number, which goes to a Google voicemail account
2. The app includes a feature asking periodic questions by text or voicemail about how patients are doing
3. Before we were socially engaged, we used voicemail and email to collaborate within the company
4. There are voicemail messages, emails, and SMS records that authorities can access
5. The second feature is that all voicemail is transcribed and then sent as text to my email
6. You can route specific callers to specific phones, block certain callers, send calls to voicemail, and more
7. Sure enough, when I got into my office the next morning, there were two voicemail messages waiting
8. They fret about an employer remotely reading personal emails and text messages, seeing personal photos and videos, and listening to personal voicemail
9. Bladenboro Police Chief Chris Hunt did not immediately respond to a voicemail message left for him Friday night
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