[Example Sentences]:
1. They both promised to continue their vocal opposition to the government
2. The doctor has got to be more vocal
3. In particular, it is seeing a lot of traction from industries where customers tend to be more vocal
4. The Facebook CEO has a been a vocal supporter of immigration reform
5. That original offer was met with opposition from some top shareholders, with Icahn being one of the more vocal opponents
6. A cold last summer affected his second vocal chord, leaving him unable to speak
7. Other women in the valley have been successful in tech, but none has been so vocal about female empowerment
8. Netflix is also a vocal critic of cable company practices, most recently on Thursday, when Netflix
9. In that study, my colleagues and I found that these aquatic turtles use several different kinds of vocal communication
10. The community is very vocal
11. The galleries were packed with observers, including young immigrants who came as children and who have been vocal in pushing for the bill
12. Then last summer, after another bad cold, Page said his right vocal cord developed a similar problem that limited its ability to move
13. Unfortunately, a vocal minority in Washington is putting ideology ahead of American workers, the White House said in a fact sheet supporting the bank
14. Throughout the protests, Erdogan has maintained a defiant tone, insisting he would not be bowed by what he described as a vocal minority
15. Johnson, who spent 10 years as a professional chorus singer, is particularly interested in the changes aging produces on the vocal system
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