[Example Sentences]:
1. Despite all the death, it is the vivid life of the towns that makes the strongest impression
2. And the increased graphics processing power of the new systems is evident in a vivid underwater mission
3. The collapse is a vivid reminder of how fleeting success can be in the field of technology
4. For example, a highly saturated hue has a vivid, intense color
5. The 3D models it displays are crisp and vivid, and the interaction seems fluid and intuitive
6. Debate over the program has sharply divided both the parties, but the split among Republicans has been the most vivid
7. Descriptions of sexual acts that go into vivid detail may be removed
8. Afterward, Betty was plagued by vivid nightmares about the event
9. The apps that use vivid video, blazing speed and ultralow latency will reset user expectations and drive even more growth © 2019  Terms of Use | Home