[Example Sentences]:
1. All social networks have become far more visual
2. So the visual effects have to be to a much higher standard
3. Brian What sort of company is not going to become a visual organization
4. Our visual search results generate revenue when your users click over to a store
5. The problem with visual inspections is that they produce no data or records
6. We were in production on some of the visual effects before we even started principal photography
7. Metro was a giant step away from the direction visual design was heading at Microsoft competition
8. Federal officials say the plane that crashed in San Francisco Saturday was cleared for a visual approach
9. Users can drag and drop content to organize and make presentations of their best visual ideas
10. Netflix has also launched predictive and visual search
11. I do think people are noticing these moments in the visual world
12. For BlackBerry, the issue is perhaps about more than just the visual similarities
13. The visual observations are the most important
14. Cohen says the capability to share visual information immediately can help solve tech issues
15. Girls were much more likely than boys to use visual social media sites frequently © 2019  Terms of Use | Home