[Example Sentences]:
1. He says he expected it to be his only visit
2. I started to run the film in my head of his visit
3. He would not even allow her to visit her parents
4. We need to see results from his visit
5. As with any browser, you can still visit these and any other sites
6. So they planned to visit him, but it would be too late
7. That is when US President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the region
8. She has been able to visit him and speaks with her son by phone several times a week
9. Amazon wants customers to feel like they are having human interaction without having to visit a physical store
10. The dashboard uses data gathered from devices that visit the Google Play store
11. The Foreign Office says about two million British tourists visit Greece every year
12. He was finally able to visit his parents in Mexico
13. He said Russian relatives will describe how he seemed during that visit
14. The first thing we do when we visit a new client is to check the backups
15. There was high anticipation in South Korea ahead of the visit © 2019  Terms of Use | Home