[Example Sentences]:
1. Google already provides its users with an administrative dashboard that offers some visibility into usage
2. There was very heavy snow at the time with visibility virtually zero
3. Organizations want visibility, control and security over the information shared on their networks
4. In a traditional IT environment, the business has no visibility into how they use IT resources
5. As a result, visibility and enforcement on the use of data fields are required at the operational level
6. Authorities reduced drops on Friday because smoke affected visibility for pilots
7. This helps visitors easily find relevant content, which means increasing your visibility
8. As things get connected to the Internet, Young said that visibility becomes the only real perimeter
9. Security leaders are telling us they want increased visibility through the cloud and control throughout their hybrid IT environments
10. People use a variety of measures to decrease their online visibility, the study showed
11. IT professionals get better visibility and control of physical resources via external management tools, according to company officials
12. You can access this setting at any time to toggle the visibility of your personal Library folder
13. The first one is effective visibility
14. The airports shut down because of low visibility
15. To spur adoption and increase visibility of the Marketplace apps, Google started © 2019  Terms of Use | Home