[Example Sentences]:
1. The video went viral in the IT community
2. The clip was posted on YouTube and quickly went viral
3. Their intent was to draw attention to the cause by going viral
4. In a Facebook post, Zuckerberg said the viral outbreak is at a critical turning point
5. On the other hand, negative views can quickly go viral and cause damage
6. In many cases, those videos go viral and millions view interesting creations and experiences
7. Each alert has the chance to go viral, which could lead to faster recovery of kids who have disappeared
8. We also know the higher the viral load you get infected with, the more severe your disease is likely to be
9. A marketing company claimed credit for the viral photo, although it subsequently said it had no connection to Target
10. Google, above all, wants high quality signals that are naturally produced by the viral nature of the Internet
11. Before trying to make your campaign go viral with the world, test it out on people who are already in your camp
12. When it comes to viral content, the more ridiculous, the better
13. For comparison, the size of the previous viral genome record holder
14. By trying to put a gag order on people, companies risk creating a viral event that might otherwise go unnoticed
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