[Example Sentences]:
1. It is also one of its most violent
2. The devices we use every day will no longer make us targets for violent criminals
3. It is the latest in a series of violent attacks blamed on Islamic extremists
4. This could mean that more violent titles will be banned
5. I worry what happens when a violent video game feels like murder
6. Police were deployed to areas where there had been scenes of violent protests and political tensions
7. Hundreds have died in violent attacks in Xinjiang in recent years
8. The case led to days of violent protest across India and new laws against rape
9. The case led to violent protests across India and new laws against rape
10. Another says she was the victim of a violent crime that is constantly on her mind
11. Police in France remain on high alert amid the threat of further violent attacks by extremists
12. Most black holes are created during the violent deaths of giant stars
13. Sometimes I get violent on that place
14. At least one dead as protest on Cairo campus turns violent
15. There have been several violent incidents since December resulting in soldier and rebel deaths © 2019  Terms of Use | Home