[Example Sentences]:
1. The high school was in another village, too far to walk
2. They told me nearly all houses at the village have been destroyed in the earthquake
3. The problem though, is that the village cannot afford to move
4. Water and electricity in the village were still cut off
5. Over the years, the massacre was rarely discussed in the village
6. The landslide hit the village early in the morning while people were sleeping
7. The whole village except its school has been washed away or buried, our correspondent says
8. Hong was an influential man, a former village head
9. She said people in the village ran out from their houses in panic and screamed for help
10. She considered starting a fire to get their attention but eventually decided to start walking toward village lights
11. Mu is the only person from his village ever to make it to graduate school
12. By comparison, two Afghan village police were killed and nine policemen and one soldier were wounded
13. So the village chief decided she would be punished
14. Efforts to reach her former husband and adult family members in the village for comment were unsuccessful
15. An emergency warning was issued for the Blue Mountains village of Bell on Sunday morning © 2019  Terms of Use | Home