[Example Sentences]:
1. They need the market to be vibrant to encourage foreign funds into the country
2. Or someone who wants a clearer and more vibrant screen and a proven top of the line camera
3. Today Calendar has just the right amount of material design animation with vibrant colors and custom graphics
4. In addition to the high resolution, the colors look quite natural without being overly bright or too vibrant
5. They argue this is a crucial step in preserving a vibrant, level playing field for innovation in the Internet
6. Like her, he knew his town block by block, and remembers it as a vibrant place
7. In other words, they provide an incredibly wide color palette with very deep blacks to produce vibrant images
8. Imagine strips of vibrant colors spread across large fields
9. Based on a demo of the game, it still boasts the outrageous combat and vibrant visuals of its predecessors
10. LinkedIn wants you to think of your profile as a vibrant, dynamic landing page that deserves your utmost attention and interest
11. That could result in less competition and a less vibrant Internet economy where small businesses are wiped out by crushing traffic fees
12. The report described India as a vibrant market with more than 500 music labels releasing music in over 20 languages
13. The 360 comes in cherry red, vibrant orange, or black carbon
14. Boston's vibrant economy is also well positioned for any possible economic aftershocks from the attack, including a possible hit to its large tourism industry
15. On Friday, SAP brought the road show to Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a vibrant community of tech entrepreneurs © 2019  Terms of Use | Home