[Definition]: a varaint of something, such as software

[Example Phrases]:
• version of OS
• an updated version of

[Example Sentences]:
1. I was able to test that version over the past week
2. This is only the first version of this great feature
3. Apple released the latest version of the operating system
4. Apple said it was working on a new version
5. The latest version of the enterprise social and collaboration platform includes
6. The next version of Windows is expected to pull those together
7. The mobile Web version of that tool is available today
8. One is to finally get a new version of Windows
9. A version of this lives on to this very day
10. This is the third and final version of the rules
11. There is no one single version of Android
12. They might want to sell you the paid version
13. The bill approved Tuesday had several major changes from an earlier version
14. However there will be no further feature development for that version
15. This company has announced an iPad mini version of its popular © 2019  Terms of Use | Home