[Example Sentences]:
1. But investigators discovered that the Energy Department never required the ventilation system to meet nuclear safety standards
2. The ventilation system worked exactly as designed
3. The ventilation on the trains themselves sucked smoke into the trains
4. Get near a protected machine, place a microphone next to its ventilation holes, and extract the secrets
5. It causes pneumonia, in some cases, and some of these dogs have to be on oxygen and on ventilation
6. Sensors in your attic can lead to notifications that you need better ventilation, or that you should consider adding more insulation
7. However, we plan to complete inspections and full restoration of the air ventilation system and facilities in order to resume production in October
8. Natural ventilation and radiant cooling mean that the spaceship won t need air conditioning for some 70 percent of the year
9. Investigators have been unable to replicate the configuration of the ventilation fans during the accident, and further study is required to determine what went wrong
10. The ventilation system worked as planned, since only fresh air goes over people before going over waste, and once over waste never again sees people
11. Industrial IoT applications could begin in areas such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning HVAC services © 2019  Terms of Use | Home