[Example Sentences]:
1. Some used the network to vent when people they knew lit up
2. I worry about the mother of two we might lose to a steam vent
3. At one point, a developer with Oculus tells me to turn around to find an empty vent to hide
4. Tumblr users vent over idea of sale to Yahoo
5. As night fell, hundreds gathered in front of the headquarters of the intelligence service police to vent their anger
6. Like the original, it attaches to an air vent in your car
7. Relatives of passengers on board the missing Malaysia airlines jet vent their anger at officials after flying into Kuala Lumpur
8. The back of the Acer Predator, for example, appears to be all vent to keep the GPU cool
9. Remember earlier when we said what the Mac Pro sounded like if you put your ear next to the vent on the top
10. If they could have gone in and opened some valves to vent some of the hydrogen, they could have avoided an explosion
11. Clean out the dryer vent and ask when the furnace filters were last changed
12. She ran and locked herself into the bathroom but the attackers threw a grenade inside, through a vent, and killed her
13. The June 27 lava flow is named for the date it began erupting from a new vent
14. If the problem is minor, like a clogged vent or water filter, owners will get instructions on how to fix it on their own
15. Instead of a traditional vent that sends hot air outside, the DHP24412W comes with a small hose that attaches in the back © 2019  Terms of Use | Home