[Example Sentences]:
1. The underlying technology works by identifying unique vein patterns in the human eye
2. In a similar vein, this is what Amazon
3. In the same vein, every pilot must also accept the input of their fellow crewmembers on the flight deck
4. He even used the flashlight function on his smartphone to help her find a good vein for it, according to the defense
5. In a more limited vein, Samsung has extended its software for recognizing a hovering stylus, to the human finger
6. Suspected terrorists began avoiding Skype, closing down a rich vein of intelligence, officials say
7. For example, if the organics follow an individual geologic feature such as a vein, that could strengthen the case for life
8. Anticipating that users will keep their questions along the same vein, Bing remains on the lookout for related questions and keeps the conversation on track
9. In the teaching vein, my goal is to make printable models of everything a geology department would need to teach
10. Blood Bridge pierces a vein in two places © 2019  Terms of Use | Home