[Example Sentences]:
1. The good news is that no matter which valve you use, your music sounds great
2. NASA engineers resolved the issues but then discovered a problem with a hydrogen tank valve
3. Because of the valve failure, one of the two cooling lines became too cold
4. She had heart surgery the next year for a narrowing of her main heart valve
5. Ground controllers Thursday sent commands to manipulate the valve and see how it responded
6. Station managers decided Tuesday to send two American astronauts out as soon as possible to replace a pump with a bad valve
7. Engineers suspect the problem is a malfunctioning flow control valve inside the pump
8. Engineers suspect a flow control valve inside the pump is malfunctioning
9. A problem with a throttle valve was responsible for the April 14 crash, he added
10. Flight controllers tried in vain to fix the valve remotely, then came up with a plan to use another valve to regulate the temperature
11. The faulty valve is being replaced, the private company said in a statement, and inspections are underway to see if anything else might be wrong
12. The Bush family matriarch had heart surgery in March 2009 for a severe narrowing of the main heart valve © 2019  Terms of Use | Home