[Example Sentences]:
1. This is a huge validation of the choice we made to focus on NFC years ago
2. If you did not receive a validation email
3. We see this as a validation that every cloud storage strategy needs to incorporate a contingency plan
4. In fact, validation should be an ongoing exercise
5. Most VCs, investors certainly have a fundamental requirement of getting the startup validation in place
6. Cloud providers often have weak validation procedures when signing up new customers, allowing attackers to create accounts with fake information
7. The validation becomes much easier then
8. Developers can get early validation by testing new drugs on patients with the right mutations who are otherwise out of options
9. Even if they are trained, their priority is usually to deliver functionality first, and security validation would come second or is forgotten entirely
10. Determining food safety is one of our primary goals for this validation test
11. Of course there is an element of validation and customer feedback that adds to the complication, but most definitely nothing compared to a services startup
12. We are searching for validation, seeking respect and longing to be relevant within our organizations
13. Bidders will have automated compliance validation during bid submissions © 2019  Terms of Use | Home