[Definition]: can be recovered, elastic

[Example Phrases]:
• more resilient than
• resilient to service outages
• most resilient
• the most resilient
• services are resilient
• resilient enough
• resilient and potent insurgent
• resilient than people expect
• resilient enough to withstand
• resilient and busy

[Example Sentences]:
1. Companies have to become resilient rather than just rolling out security tools
2. If your business needs a lot of resilient storage at a low cost, take a look at both
3. It may prove somewhat more resilient than people expect
4. When investors favor safety, the Israeli economy is more resilient
5. We have to be reliable and resilient
6. The thinking goes that any Netflix service should be resilient enough to keep running through an attack from one such tool
7. Cloud is lowering hardware costs and reducing risk by spreading workloads and building more resilient, scalable applications
8. He added, though, that mobile phone makers in the market are really resilient and will figure out ways to survive
9. If they diversify operations early, the currency impact will be offset and they will become resilient to currency swings
10. This app is a marvel of scientific presentation and a great way to learn about these resilient and busy little insects
11. Campbell said the Taliban is not likely to defeat the Afghan army in the field but remains a resilient, lethal force
12. Individuals will be deeper in debt, families will feel less secure, the economy will be less resilient
13. They are emotionally resilient and highly stress tolerant and very motivated
14. Such exercises, the Army hopes, will build troops who are not just physically tough but psychologically resilient
15. The rise in imports points to resilient consumer spending, which drives 70 percent of economic activity © 2017  Terms of Use | Home