verb transitive

[Definition]: to substitute, to change an old one with a new one

[Example Sentences]:
1. They replace the notes in circulation since euros became the cash currency in 2002.
2. So the word I would like to replace control with is visibility.
3. That year the business had grown so large, Apple was going to replace with something new.
4. Only then will you find the replace function you were looking for.
5. So, is it time to run out and replace your regular oven?
6. He asked the crowd who among them would replace him.
7. The technology allows you to replace your credit or debit card.
8. Now the iPhone is trying to replace your wallet.
9. The social media company had been under pressure from shareholders to replace Costolo for some time.
10. Google said Monday it would replace the image but cautioned it may take several days to do so.
11. So we can do rolling upgrades of the system without having to replace everyone in one big hit.
12. His government is supposed to replace two rival governments that have fought for two years.
13. You can later replace the failing internal drive if you care to.
14. Now consider what it would mean to replace these batteries eight times less frequently.
15. Our fiber is still good, but they have to replace the infrastructure around the fiber.

[Antonyms]blot, extract

[Synonyms]commute, restore © 2020  Terms of Use | Home