[Example Phrases]:
•. quite a bit of
•. for quite some time
•. not quite as

[Example Sentences]:
1. There are probably quite a few products like this in the market
2. It should actually help us cut our bill quite a bit
3. In fact they re quite well known for doing people right
4. It will take quite a while and it will take a big investment
5. He was someone we were watching for quite a time
6. In my experiences that seems to work quite well too
7. We had a number of potential investors, but it did not quite work out
8. We have to do quite a bit more work to get everything tested and in place
9. So why do I quite like the idea
10. This is going to hit people quite hard
11. It might not operate in quite the same way as before the crisis
12. There are quite a few of those in many San Jose concerns
13. The product is available again and there is quite a story behind what happened
14. There is quite a lot of information in metadata
15. It is also quite clear that carriers have a lot of influence on the update process
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