[Example Sentences]:
1. This may be the best time to quit your job in years
2. Should you really quit your job via social media
3. In the last decade or so, most companies have quit the business of writing software
4. The biggest priority is to help them not to quit their jobs while raising kids
5. Although she needed the income, a week later Lee quit
6. We talked to the two who quit, among dozens of other longtime Apple veterans
7. In recent days, most of the original shareholders decided to quit
8. The employee quit a week after Martinez learned about the post
9. People with less experience were promoted over her, and she eventually quit
10. LG would be the latest manufacturer to quit plasma
11. Earlier this year she quit business for politics
12. Half of adopters quit using their wearables within a few months
13. He won the battle, but quit the company
14. He has now quit the party, claiming it is heading for disaster under Mr Clegg
15. The brothers quit abruptly, citing a family emergency and said they could not do exit interviews
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