[Example Sentences]:
1. So is it possible that Apple is quietly talking to BlackBerry
2. One analyst has long believed that Icahn would not go quietly into the night
3. Facebook is quietly testing a cool new feature which has been added to its Messenger product
4. Mobile tech is moving right along, but it seems much more quietly than in the recent past
5. Chrome OS is quietly becoming a concern for Microsoft
6. The campaign quietly began two years ago
7. I predict Amazon will let the Fire Phone die quietly, and keep working on its tablets
8. A few hundred people demonstrated quietly at a filling station
9. The infrastructure for corporate fuel cells has been quietly spreading
10. During testimony, she has largely sat quietly in the courtroom next to Tsarnaev
11. The Chinese are quietly encouraging those who elect to return
12. Windows XP is going quietly, it seems
13. Policy makers should therefore be quietly confident that the region remains on a steady recovery trend
14. The result is a game that is quietly stunning, and visually unique
15. Far better to record a touch too quietly
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