[Example Phrases]:
•. quiet demeanor
•. a quiet demeanor

[Example Sentences]:
1. The company is in the quiet period before its public offering
2. So a fairly quiet day for us out there
3. The mobile payments market had been relatively quiet until recently
4. We promised to return the quiet to Israel and that is what we will do
5. You have to remain quiet and still
6. Is someone a morning person or does she want to be quiet before she has her coffee
7. So far big cable companies are keeping quiet about their plans to move into the wireless market
8. This was only a mile from my house on a quiet residential street
9. So for instance, during your quiet hours you can let certain calls come through
10. So much for quiet in the legal realm
11. The streets around the school were quiet yesterday
12. In terms of what is happening here in Gaza City, it is quiet
13. The operation will expand and continue until the fire toward our towns stops and quiet returns
14. For a while, Google kept quiet on the matter
15. The company is in a quiet period ahead of its public offering and a spokesman declined to comment
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