[Example Sentences]:
1. The quickest route to the office could be automatically set based on the time of day
2. The quickest path to developing for Microsoft Azure is through Visual Studio Online
3. This is all about human nature, which always looks for the quickest, easiest path to get something done
4. Image Capture may be the quickest way to bulk delete your iPhone images
5. High courts in the states would look after the lower courts to dispose the pending cases in the quickest possible time, he noted
6. In the past, the quickest time between the product being made in the kitchen and when it reaches the shelves was 24 hours
7. I need to have an idea of what education college and certifications would be the best and quickest route to a top IT security position
8. When it came to downloads, CrashPlan was once again the quickest
9. In Spain, output and new orders rose at the quickest pace since 2007 as new export business jumped the most in 15 years
10. In regard to these topics, voicing your opinion is the quickest way to get yourself unfriended
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