[Example Sentences]:
1. And just because you have kids doesn t mean you can cut the queue
2. And the software for managing time may be pushed down the processing queue in favor of other jobs
3. First of all, try adding more games to the download queue
4. A random scheduling algorithm takes longer to jump around the queue than a conventional one does
5. Once their profile is complete with information about themselves and pictures they are put into a queue of sorts
6. Traditional implementations of priority queue work fine for up to eight cores
7. Playing this will clear your Up Next queue, should I proceed
8. If you just want to add the song in your current play queue without permanently saving it, drag your finger to the right
9. Multiple cores hitting the queue at the exact same time can cause bottlenecks as each core contends for the top task
10. It can scour the Web to answer questions, play music stored on remote servers and queue up customer orders through voice prompts
11. Like having too many cooks in the kitchen, too many cores working on the top of a single priority queue can slow performance
12. Later, Kano residents queue up to pay homage to him
13. Luckily, at least when I tried it, the queue was only about three or four days long
14. You can, however, tap All episodes, to queue them up
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