[Example Sentences]:
1. The new functionality makes it easier for users to query and report data from multiple views
2. Google says it has no way of telling who spoke a particular query
3. I received a single point every few times I typed in a search query
4. New query language could turn log files into business insights
5. Users must authorize the app to query Twitter on their behalf
6. Kids who can read and type will be able to tap their search query on the keyboard
7. The group provided an email address for questions, but did not immediately respond to a query
8. The software can then run a single query against as many columns as the system can place on a register
9. The feature provides suggestions on other artists or songs to consider after a user inputs a query
10. It is substantially less, and a simple query to us would have corrected this error
11. Users can query different data sources and build reports without learning the Splunk query language
12. Wearable users will eventually be able to query the resources center for help with a system issue or HR question
13. The goal is to try and enhance mobile search results with additional information relevant to the query, according to the company
14. The query results must also be limited to metadata within two hops of the selection term instead of three
15. Just as Google does, SimpleQL brings up other possible ways to complete the query
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