[Example Sentences]:
1. NBC reported Monday that the Greek government was sending troops to quell violence
2. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday as he sought to quell criticism of the new policy
3. Hollande sought to quell public criticism by inviting her to return without her family
4. The governor had summoned the National Guard overnight after police again used tear gas to quell protesters
5. His failure to quell violence between Christian and Muslim militias has prompted speculation that he may quit
6. Riot police tried to quell violent outbreaks at protests in the city of Sao Paulo on Tuesday
7. Chinese authorities are struggling to balance the need to alert the public to the dangers of bird flu and quell undue panic
8. By moving first with its offering, AT T is attempting to quell the Google buzz and drum up a little hype for itself
9. The planned retirement of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may not quell efforts by activist shareholders to get the software giant to return more cash
10. After returning to Georgia he managed to quell a civil war but was seen as having failed to tackle corruption in his time as president
11. Bahrain is also closely allied with Saudi Arabia, which in 2011 sent troops into the country to help the government quell the uprising
12. Microsoft, whose fortunes increasingly hinge on the cloud, is working to quell the fears of IT managers tasked with keeping their users and bosses happy
13. Even before the outlines of the deal were announced, however, Israel refused to rule out a unilateral strike to quell Iran's nuclear ambitions
14. After years of withstanding Republican efforts to stop Obamacare, the administration now must act quickly to quell concerns from its Democratic partners
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